MBLAQ Member Profile



MBLAQ (엠블랙)
Stands For: Music Boys Live In Absolute Quality
Entertainment Company: J.Tune Camp
Debut: October 14, 2009
Fan Club: A+
Fan Color: Pearl Chocolate

Seungho 5 Seungho 4 Seungho 3 Seungho 2 Seungho 1

Seungho (승호)
Full Name: Yang Seung Ho (양승호)
Born: October 16, 1987
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist

Fun Facts:
He is very skilled at playing the piano
He was Class President all throughout high school
Can break dance
Hates doing aegyo
He is honest and straight forward
Loves pizza
Was supposed to use ‘Mir’ as his stage name at first
Learned gymnastics, hapkido, and judo

 G.O 5 G.O 4 G.O 3 G.O 2 G.O 1

G.O (지오)
Real Name: Jung Byung Hee (정병희)
Born: November 6, 1987
Position: Main Vocalist

Fun Facts:
Is a clean freak
Takes hour long baths
Loves to cook
Has been in 11 relationships
He is left-handed
Known to have a hairy chest
He auditioned with facial hair but was told to come back and shave it off but then he was told to grow it back again

Lee Joon 1 Lee Joon 5 Lee Joon 4 Lee Joon 3 Lee Joon 2

Lee Joon (이준)
Real Name: Lee Chang Seon (이창선)
Born: February 7, 1988
Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer, Face of the Group

Fun Facts:
He portrayed the teenage Raizo in “Ninja Assassin:
He majored in modern dance at the Korea Nation University of Arts
Was on the program “We Got Married”
Often portrayed as an idiot on any reality show he is on
Often fought with Leo on “Hello Baby”
His nickname is Foolish Muscles
He does aegyo effortlessly
He thinks HyunA of 4minute is the best female dancer

 Thunder 5 Thunder 4 Thunder 3 Thunder 2 Thunder 1

Thunder / Cheondoong (천중)
Real Name: Park Sang Hyun (박상현)
Born: October 7, 1990
Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist

Fun Facts:
Dara of 2NE1 is his older sister
Nicknamed the octopus prince
Grew up in the Philippines
Friends with IU
Used to play the violin
Knows how to play the piano
Hates it when people say he is cute, he wants to be called charismatic
He thinks he is a flower boy

Mir 5 Mir 4 Mir 3 Mir 2 Mir 1

Mir (미르)
Real Name: Bang Cheol Yong (방철용)
Born: March 10, 1991
Position: Main Rapper and Maknae

Fun Facts:
Wants to marry a girl like his mother
The actress Go Eun Ah is his older sister
Has a fear of needles
Loves anime
He is really bad at speaking English
He used to be a farmer before debut
He fails at pronouncing “Music Boys Live In Absolute Quality” –
He believes that when you go to Japan you must but a certain type of magazine to get in tune with the culture

84 thoughts on “MBLAQ Member Profile

  1. tshering

    all da member of mblaq r vrrrrry hansom n soooo smart dat i cant decide which one is ma fav, so i hav difficul in choosing da member… Mblaq is da best n i lov dem all…

  2. A+ Egypt

    Actually i cant say who my fav member is cause i luv them all so much such a great group with absolute quality ,amaziiiiiing songs ,cheo,comebacks ,variety shows they are the best in everything , sweet kindhearted funny humble humans with great personalities ^-^ loooove them to death … only hope they will get the attention they deserve . They need to win some awards in k music charts as they r the best among comeback in the charts …its realllly unfair they must win at least once ! Not because jtcamp isnt that huge and dont promote them well means the cant win ….go blaqies we have to support them and their new great album broken fightiiiiiing ^–^ ^·^ ♥♥♥

      • mirs girlfriend

        Ok I guess I can share him but he is my boyfriend or at least in my head and he is Omg hes sooooooooooo cute

      • mirs girlfriend

        Oh and they probably don’t because they are famous they don’t have time to read this and besides we are speaking English they probably don’t speak a lot of English or as mir whould say engrish

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