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Infinite 인피니트
Entertainment Company: Woolim Entertainment
Debut: June 9, 2010 with song “Come Back Again”
Fan Club: Inspirit
Fan Color: Pearl Metal Gold


sunggyu 5 sunggyu 4 Sunggyu 3 sunggyu 2 Sunggyu 1

Kim Sung Kyu (김성규)
Born on April 28, 1989
178CM (5 Feet 10 Inches)
Blood Type: A
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Fun Facts:

When he first told his parents about his dream as an idol, they reject it
Since they rejected his dream, he practiced in secret an didn’t stay at home
He was a school band named “Beat” at Jeonju National University High School
He has an older sister who if five years older than him
He has never thought of anything else but being a singer
He has an attentive personality
For him, love is first, then friendship, fame and money
He feels mad when the other members keep playing around during practice time
He was the fastest to learn the scorpion dance from Hoya
He thinks his hands are his best body part
He has a weak heart so he can’t stay mad long
He shares a room with Woohyun and Sungyeol

Dongwoo 5 Dongwoo 4 Dongwoo 3 Dongwoo 2 Dongwoo 1

Jang Dong Woo (장동우)
Born on November 22, 1990
175CM (5 Feet 8 Inches)
Blood Type: A
Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer

Fun Facts:

He has two older sisters who are six and three years older than him
His family has an octopus restaurant
He mostly danced in R&B Style for his audition
He learned how to dance from his sister who is a dancer
He thinks his best body parts are his lops and eyes
He is the hardest to wake up along with L
He shares a room with L and their manager
Out of all of his hairstyles since debut his favorite is his red hair and he wants to try having green hair
He’s the only member who has raised a dog before
Showed a really weak sided part of him during “Infinite Ranking King” show on the courage episode
For his audition he sung 2AM’s song “Not Because”
He drinks up to 3 liters of water a day
He and Sungjong cried the most after their first win

Woohyun 5 Woohyun 4 Woohyun 3 Woohyun 2 Woohyun 1

Nam Woo Hyun (남우현)
Born on February 8, 1991
176CM (5 Feet 9 Inches)
Blood Type: B
Position: Main Vocalist

Fun Facts:

He has a brother who is two years older than him
If he wasn’t a singer he would’ve have become an athlete or a chef
His parents were not happy about his decision to become an idol but he worked hard to show them his passion
He sends a text to his parents before going to sleep
He wants to learn how to appear well on variety shows from MC Yoo Jaesuk
He wants to learn how to play the piano
He passed his audition by singing Stevie Wonder’s Lately
He thinks life is like a computer game
He shares a room with Sunggyu and Sungyeol
He thinks he is very handsome and cute
He has a habit of lying
He is the member with the most self-confidence and sometimes a bit conceited
He has 291 contacts stored in his cell phone

Hoya 1 Hoya 5 Hoya 4 Hoya 3 Hoya 2

Hoya (호야)
Real Name: Lee Ho Won (이호원)
Born on March 28, 1991
178CM (5 Feet 10 Inches)
Blood Type: AB
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Fun Facts:

He has a brother who is two years older than him and a brother who is five years younger than him
His mother supported and helped him pursue his dream the best she could
He dropped out of high school during his freshmen year when he was 17 to learn how to sing and dance
He was a taekwondo athlete up until middle school and received his 3rd degree black belt
He likes to practice until late and so oversleeps a lot
His hometown is Busan
He made his acting debut in the show “Answer 1997” playing Joon Hee who was gay
He shares a room with Sungjong
When he doesn’t have any schedules he likes to exercise and read
According to the other members he is the CEO’s favorite member
Although he doesn’t memorize and dance to girl groups songs he will freestyle dance to them with Dongwoo

Sungyeol 5 Sungyeol 4 Sungyeol 3 Sungyeol 2 Sungyeol 1

Lee Sung Yeol (이성열)
Born on August 27, 1991
183CM (6 Feet)
Blood Type: B
Position: Vocalist

Fun Facts:

If he wasn’t a singer he would become a repeater of the Department of Theater and Film
Although he has family members in the entertainment industry he doesn’t want to rely on their help and see how far he can go on his own
He’s very emotional
He’s a talkative and active person
He thinks his nose is his best body part
He’s working on studying English
Sungyeol is the last member to join Infinite
He likes a younger girl than a noona
Shares a room with Woohyun and Sunggyu
His favorite type of food is fruit
He use to have a pet turtle and parrot
He doesn’t have any complexes regarding his appearance

L 5 L 4 L 3 L 2 L 1
L (엘)
Real Name: Kim Myung Soo (김명수)
Born on March 13, 1992
180CM (5 Feet 10 Inches)
Blood Type: O
Position: Visual, Vocalist

Fun Facts:

Had an interest towards being an entertainer rather than a singer
He was similar to the Deathnote L when he was a trainee because of his looks
He was in God of Study but his part was cut out
His role model is DBSK/TVXQ
Is the member who eats a lot
He has a dream to be a photographer
Believes his nose is his best body part
Acted in the drama “Shut Up Flower Boy Band” and received much praise
Shares a room with Dongwoo and their manager
He admits that he likes touching people’s hair
He likes the manga series “Naruto”
Out of all of their songs he is most satisfied with his parts in “Real Story
He sang Toy’s “I’ve lived beside you for a while” for his audition
He once said that he would make the editors of God of Study regret cutting his part of the drama

Sungjong 5 Sungjong 4 Sungjong 3 Sungjong 2 Sungjong 1

Lee Sung Jong (이성종)
Born on September 3, 1993
179CM (5 Feet 10 Inches)
Blood Type: A
Position: Maknae, Vocalist

Fun Facts:

He’s really photogenic
Is usually the one who loves bullying his managers and members
Shares a room with Hoya
He sometimes thinks he is prettier than other girl group members
He’s a big fan of 2NE1 and his favorite member is Park Bom
He wants to film a chicken CF
He’s close with After School’s Nana and Secret’s Hyosung
He’s left handed
He wants to marry around his early 30’s
The body part he is most confident with is his eyes
His complex is his chin
He is envious of Dongwoo because of his optimism
His competitive side comes out whenever he dances to girl group songs




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157 thoughts on “Infinite Member’s Profile

  1. Krystal Liyan

    I love all of infinite members.
    But my bias is myung soo.
    Don’t worry guys.
    I am always inspirit.
    Infinite fighting <3
    Inspirits fighting <3

  2. Resuri

    Hey guys! My friend started writing a fanfic on infinite as well the main character is sungjong and I feel that she deserves more readers it really good please support her! Here’s a link thank you you won’t be disappointed I swear! >.< she's also writing a new one with l being the main character! C:she'll be uploading it soon please support her my fellow wattpad users!!! n.n

    (And if by any chance you see this comment you're welcome nemmi! Cx)

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